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Single Sided PCB

Single sided PCB’s are normally made up of materials Like CEM1 & FR4 with OSP, HAL, Lead Free HAL ( Only For FR4 ), ENIG finish and Aluminum based MC PCBs for LED lighting & Automotive applications.

 Thickness of 0.2 to 3.2mm (with finish copper of 1- 4 oz)

 Line width and spacing of 8 / 8 mils

 Minimum drilled hole of 0.5mm

 Minimum punched hole of 0.9mm

 Finish of UVSM / PISM with lead and lead free hot air levelling or ENIG or lacquer

 Mask colour- Green, Blue, Red, White and Black Single sided PCBs are usually used in Automotive, Charger’s, Lighting & Power supply industries. We offer PCB’s with varied thickness and track widths, surface finishes with options of CNC routing, punching, scoring, etc.