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Flex PCB

Flex PCB’s can easily be termed as circuits which are flexible or can flex. Flexible circuits are basically made from a thin insulating polymer film with a pattern of conductive traces mounted bonded onto the substrate.

Flex circuits have been in use since 1940’s decade and their applications are still growing exponentially.Just like Rigid PCB’s, there are many types of flex PCB’s like Single Sided, Double Sided, Multilayer and Rigid Flex. There are many benefits of flex circuits which make them more useful compared to traditional cables and rigid boards.

Flex PCB’s are being used in electronics such as calculators, cell phones, printers, LCD televisions, Cameras, Wearable Devices. They are used in the medical fields in heart monitors, pace makers, hearing aids. They are used in manufacturing of robotic arms, processing machines, bar code equipment etc. They are even used in satellites and GPS systems. In fact the applications are endless for flex PCB’s.